Tatiana Sokolova


Optimist - Artist - Pessimist

60x30cm, acryl, canvas

You can choose your view of life. You can be all of them all at once. Feel free to choose your reaction, mood and attitude.

Optimist - Artist - Pessimist

For the optimist, the world is bright. For the pessimist - black. And only an artist paints this world with all the colors of the rainbow. And his colors change the gray world, change pessimist and optimist.

Для оптимиста мир светлый. Для пессимиста - черный. И лишь артист раскрашивает этот мир всеми цветами радуги. И его краски меняют и серый мир, и пессимиста, и оптимиста.


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