Tatiana Sokolova


Painting by Tatiana Sokolova 2017-2018


From SmartArt collection

(Paintings for smart people)

Journey of brain Continents Attention! The Halo (Reach The Light) Best home What's happening in this world?! Macho. The average man. A man and a naked woman Pan-man Premonition of Munch (Portrait of the XX century) Aliens Life on Earth Grid (Sight) Crowd Way Puzzle Shark-shoe Range of vision (Кругозор) Artist's window In front of the TV. Family portrait In front of the TV (Family portrait) Attention Optimist - Artist - Pessimist Koturmort Котюрморт-2 Ordinary - Talent - Genius


From NewArt collection (LightArt)

(New style in contemporary art)
(True figurative abstraction - Combining incompatible)

Eye of the sky White City Illusion of the sea Ghost city Ghost landscape


From JokeArt (JazzArt) collection

(JazzArt this is painting-improvisation on the themes of recognized masters. Tribute (respect, hommage) to the great artists and not only.))

The conversation between Kazimir Malevich and Vasily Kandinsky near the Eiffel Tower Impressionists rest in haystacks Portrait of Salvador Dali Portrait of Marcel Duchamp Portrait of Rene Magritte Portrait of Andy Warhol in full growth A fragment of the painting of Margaret Keane in an abandoned city Portrait of the Hat of John Anthony Baldessari Yoko-gamma. One second before John Lennon's meeting with Yoko Ono Portrait of Vincent Willem van Gogh in sunflowers Piero Manzoni gives a message from Joseph Beuys to Andy Warhol In the Peter Paul Rubens's workshop Marc Chagall's violin. Tatiana Sokolova - artist Paul Gauguin's girls in the gardens of Henri Rousseau Apogee of kitsch Kovalev's nose. (N.V. Gogol "Nose") Worlds by Erik Bulatov (Freedom)


From RelaxArt collection

(Paintings for relaxation and enjoyment)
(Abstraction with an object. New direction of modern painting)

Feather Lion AvatarSpace Eye Wave (Surfing) The wave of colour Owl Eyes of an animal

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Download (epub) album with reproductions of Tatyana Sokolova's paintings (FREE).
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