Akrolesta - a new word in art

(Artist Tatiana Sokolova)


Painting, exhibitions, books, scenarios and other
by Tatiana Sokolova (Akrolesta)


SmartArt collection
(Paintings for smart people)
Journey of brain


JokeArt (JazzArt) collection
(JazzArt this is painting-improvisation on the themes of recognized masters. Tribute (respect, hommage) to the great artists and not only.))
jazzart collection


RelaxArt collection
(Paintings for relaxation and enjoyment)
(Abstraction with an object. New direction of modern painting)

Above eternity


CityArt collection
(About cities and countries)
New York


NewArt collection (LightArt)
(New style in contemporary art)
(True figurative abstraction - Combining incompatible)

Eye of the sky


Small stories


(Happenings. Media Art. Science-Art. Sky-Art. Land art. Minimal art. Public art. Pop Art. Performance, FlashMob. Conceptualism. Et al.)
Concepts of exhibitions


Media Art (Short films)


My books
Мои книги


Painting to order
Portrait to order


Painting for a gift


Catalogs of paintings. (Free download)


About artist Tatiana Sokolova (Akrolesta)


The Akrolesta's Biography
Биография Акролесты


Criticism and Press
Критика и пресса


Direct speech (letter of the artist)
Прямая речь (письмо от художника)





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From SmartArt collection

From JokeArt (JazzArt) collection

From RelaxArt collection

From CityArt collection

From NewArt collection (LightArt)


Small stories

Concepts of exhibitions
Концепции выставок

Media Art (Short films)


About artist Tatiana Sokolova

Catalogs of paintings. (Free download)

My books
Мои книги


Painting to order. Portrait to order

Painting for a gift


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All rights to images, concepts and ideas belong to Tatyana Sokolova
Все права на изображения, концепции и идеи принадлежат Татьяне Соколовой